onsdag 3. november 2010


I'm too tired to write a full description of the recent events so I will do it in short keyword form. Here goes.
Friday: Halloween celebration at the department. Great idea (originated from me + two of my co-workers): dress up as some of the proteins we study. Expanded to involving the whole lab. Got promoted to Creative Director for the event, was responsible for the color scheme of each protein. Important job. Phosporylations ARE yellow. Spent one whole entire workday cutting cardboard masks for everyone. Party huge success (not being ironic) Lasted one hour. Saturday: hung out with Scott and his roomie. Met Janelle that was in Boston for the weekend. Janelle dressed up as a shake weight commercial. The new hot thing: a weight you shake. Shake weight commercial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXHUdvvHTkw . Me dressed up as European. I wore a hat. Janelle rode a bull at the club. Sunday: Went to Salem (the place to be on Halloween) were many "witches" were burned in the old days, with my coworker and her husband. Lots of people wearing amazing costumes. Lots of fanatics yelling about how pagan we were and how this would not secure us a place in the sky. Salem sells a lot of fried dough. Went to the most crappiest museum ever. Story told by guides who pressed a button on the wall. Scary wax figures. Went to a horror house. Screamed 20 times in 10 minutes. Real people whispering and touching you. Otherwise I'm good. Take care, I love you guys and I promise to put more of an effort into the next post Tomorrow Kristin is arriving!! Yeey!
And here are some pictures:

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  1. bahahaha thanks for the shout out! can you email me my bull pics??

  2. Stikkord.Bra.Boston.Goy.Blogg.Bra.Kristin venter paa Margrethe.Margrethe er paa lab.Kristin har det kjempe bra hos Margrethe.Kristin og Margrethe skal paa starbucks og paa shopping.