onsdag 3. november 2010


I'm too tired to write a full description of the recent events so I will do it in short keyword form. Here goes.
Friday: Halloween celebration at the department. Great idea (originated from me + two of my co-workers): dress up as some of the proteins we study. Expanded to involving the whole lab. Got promoted to Creative Director for the event, was responsible for the color scheme of each protein. Important job. Phosporylations ARE yellow. Spent one whole entire workday cutting cardboard masks for everyone. Party huge success (not being ironic) Lasted one hour. Saturday: hung out with Scott and his roomie. Met Janelle that was in Boston for the weekend. Janelle dressed up as a shake weight commercial. The new hot thing: a weight you shake. Shake weight commercial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXHUdvvHTkw . Me dressed up as European. I wore a hat. Janelle rode a bull at the club. Sunday: Went to Salem (the place to be on Halloween) were many "witches" were burned in the old days, with my coworker and her husband. Lots of people wearing amazing costumes. Lots of fanatics yelling about how pagan we were and how this would not secure us a place in the sky. Salem sells a lot of fried dough. Went to the most crappiest museum ever. Story told by guides who pressed a button on the wall. Scary wax figures. Went to a horror house. Screamed 20 times in 10 minutes. Real people whispering and touching you. Otherwise I'm good. Take care, I love you guys and I promise to put more of an effort into the next post Tomorrow Kristin is arriving!! Yeey!
And here are some pictures:

søndag 17. oktober 2010

Margrethe equals boring.

Hey my dear ones!

This post is going to be really boring as Margrethe has gone from being Ms Party to Ms Boring. I no longer feel like I live in an apartment but more in the lab. I don't even want to say how late I have been there lately. Well. Last weekend I managed to get out and be social for a few hours when I met up with the bus-girl Luisia. She is from Romania and has also been here some months doing an internship in association with medical school. We went to a professional salsa club near Central Square where she knew some other Romanians. I am not good at salsa, when I dance salsa I often just pretend to dance salsa by moving my hips a little more and shuffle my feet. At this place they had instructors all over the room which were guiding you through fancy moves. I, who didn't know that we were going to this place and wore my sneakers, sucked. Haha. After some homemade plumbrew straight from Romania I went home. I started feeling really sick last weekend and although it was just a cold and I maybe had a bit of a fever one day I felt so bad for myself. All alone and sick. On Monday it was Columbus Day. You then celebrate that Cristopher Columbus found the US. When I asked a guy at work if they celebrated it he said that everyone went out in their boats and pretend to come here for the first time. I thought it was really funny. Nothing really happend and no one celebrates it but at least we had the day off. That was last weekends highlight. This weekends highlight is that I bought shoes and clothes so that I'm ready for wintertime. Its starting to get really cold...I also bought a hat!! It is so cool. I didn't know a hat could give me such joy. I don't know when I'm going to wear it yet, so for now its a stay-at-home hat. Next week I'm planning to get Scott with me to see the Facebook movie, "The Scoial Network" about the guys that invented Facebook. Everyone says its really good and it has a lot of pictures from Boston since they both went to Harvard when they started it.

Also, I have to tell you about the political commercials here they are crazy. The election for governor is coming up. All of the different politicians can just say whatever about each other trying to disgrace the others. I'm posting a link here so you can see. CRAZY.


Other commercials are just so HARRY. You have to watch this.


Here is also the commercial for Advil which are painkillers. This commercial isn't funny it just has a great song.


I'll post some pictures of my hat when I get my camera up and running (I left it at work).

Love you all.

onsdag 6. oktober 2010

Birthday, birthday, birthday!

On Friday I turned one year older. I am now 26 years old. When I was little (about 9) I couldn't even imagine turning 22, and 26 was uncomprehending.

But I turned 26 and didn't feel that much of a difference. One of my co-workers Meg, had made me the sweetest birthday greeting that lay on my desk when I arrived at work. We have had a dispute whether Humphrey Bogart is handsome or not, and whether he looks like Donald Draper in "Mad Men". I think he is handsome and looks a lot like Don Draper in "Casablanca" while she thinks he's a tired old man, with long dragged out cheeks...
Anyway, on my desk was a cardboard card of Humphrey Bogart with a party-hat saying "Happy Birthday kid" and some candy corns (pure sugar!) and the book "East of eden", I was so happy!
Megs trick is to eat the candy corns with pieces of apple, this makes the apple taste like a caramelized apple. Smart ey?

After work I went shopping, new outfit, new perfume and a free birthday gift from both Body Shop and Sephora (pays off to have all these membership cards, I have a lot of them now, I even get milk points every time I buy milk at my local grocery shop!).

At home Jen had made me a birthday card and I enjoyed my birthday dinner in front of the tv.

On Saturday I went to get my hair and nails done since I'm now addicted to manicures. The guy who did my hair didn't speak that much English, but kept insisting that I would look beautiful. "I will make you look beautiful yes?", "Okay" I said. He did not ask how I wanted it or what color I would like... The hair turned out okay, although somewhat different than what I wanted. "You look beautiful" he said when I was done. "Next time I will make you even more beautiful". Well, I can't wait!
In the evening I went to dinner with Scott at the mexican place. So good. Scott had got me my favorite synthetic american snacks, pre-made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and cracker jacks! Yeey.
He is so sweet. He has now reached the diamond league in Starcraft, this is the highest league you cab get into without an invite. A great accomplishment I must say!
When I got home I was sort of tipsy and started roaming the internet. I found some tickets for MIA in Boston on Monday and bought them. And that's the story behind how I went to a MIA concert by myself.

The concert was great, you would not think that this girl recently gave birth, she had so much energy, but the crowd wasn't that great. A lot of 18-19 years old boys and girls really drunk not watching the concert. Maybe it was my additional year but I was very annoyed.

Also, in recent news: some crazy person keeps texting me these biblical verses in Portuguese. Yesterday it was, directly from g-translate: let it be touched by the love of God in this day and open your heart to the holy spirit moving among and within vd and you reap the rewards. see Galatians 5:22.

Hope you all are doing okay!


Humphrey Bogart wishing me a happy birthday

Birthday outfit

The lobsters are alive

Birthday meal: Chicken guadeljavera(?)

Scott drinking beer! My doing!

My birthday gift from Scott


M.I.A ontop of three speakers without shoes

onsdag 29. september 2010

NY state of mind

This weekend I went to New York as some of you might know. The past work-week was extreme in all aspects, I had dinner at 11 pm THREE times the past week and since it takes me so long time to get home from work I also took a cab three times this week. So on Friday night, after coming home at 11 (again!) I packed my bags and took an early bus to NY on Saturday morning.
I arrived in Jills (Caryns sister) apartment which was this fancy apartment complex right next to Rachel Rays studio. When I told to the doorman that I was going to Jill in 17A and asked which floor it was he looked at me for a long time and said; "Miss, you go into the elevator and press 17", haha, I have never been to the 17th floor before. Anyway, after some relaxing me and The Steinbrechers went to a SPA nearby where I got my first manicure and they got pedicures. My nails have never looked so good before. After that we went to Oyster fest in the financial district. Caryn and Jill tried to explain to me before we went what Oyster fest really was and I didn't get it so I don't know if I'll be able to describe it. They had closed down one whole street and filled it with tents that sold oysters, beer and other foods. I had a lot of oysters, and some beers. We then went to a birthday party for a friend of Caryn from Jersey, I have always asked Caryn if people from Jersey are like the people on Jersey Shore and she has said, that yea, some are. At this party I found out she was right, I tried to take a sneak picture of an original guido so you could see. They even wore "the shirt before the shirt"!! We then went to the East Village (I think, I just tagged along), met some more old college friends of Caryn and went to this club where we danced the night away. On Sunday we had an amazing brunch with coffee, orange juice, crab meat eggs bendict and pancakes with fresh fruit which was followed by some last minute shopping.

When I started writing this post I was on the bus back home which should have taken me home to Boston at around 10.30 Sunday night. However, that did not happen. About midway between NY and Boston the bus broke down. Yeey. Apparently we hit a bump which caused our hydraulics to break down. The bus company had no easy solution to this, the driver couldn't get a hold of them and no one knew what to do. So there we were standing on the side of the highway with no electricity not knowing what to do. This lead to absolute chaos. Everyone ran everywhere asking people what was going on and the driver didn't inform us about anything. It should also be noted that this was a double decker filled with people so I think we were almost 50-60 people on the bus so there were a lot of people running around.Then this other bus stopped in one of the other lanes on the highway and this crazy woman from our bus tried to cross the interstate to go to the other bus. People began to panic and someone called 911. So the police came and opened up a window so we could have enough air and tried to calm everyone.Then someone told us that the driver got hold of a mechanic that would come in an hour. They were also talking about a bus coming from Boston in 3-4 hours to take us back.. At this point I really needed to pee...Well, the mechanic came and led us to this train station, but then, magically the bus had fixed itself by driving over another bump which got the hydraulics back up again. Hahaha. But the cool thing about this bus ride was that I in this chaos met this girl from Taiwan that knew some people that lived in Tromsø, beside Prestvannet. Haha. This guy from the bus were collecting everyone's e-mails so that we could complain to the bus company so today I got an e-mail from this guy who I think wants to sue or something. I don't know what to do.

So, that was me. How was your weekend?

Peace out!

Rachel Ray - gotta love that evoo

Pedicure time!

Andrea is about to eat her first oyster

We love oysters!

Oyster Fest!

An OG, original guido

Brunch buddies Janelle and Yelena

søndag 12. september 2010

Everyday life, part 2

Since my latest post I have moved, worked and kept myself busy with watching my new favorite show "Mad Men".
I no longer live in Boston but the city of Cambridge. This entails a much longer commute to get to work although my room, roomie and the apartment is very nice.
Harvard University is divided so that Harvard Law and that stuff is located in Cambridge while Harvard Medical and School of Public Health is on the Boston side. Fortunately there is a shuttlebus that goes from Harvard to Harvard. The public transportation system here is nothing to get excited about, the T is always full, has no reception and is not exactly punctual so although the shuttle is always packed its a good alternative. Actually last week I took the T to work and was delayed by 20 min because there was a fire (!) in one of the cars. No more T.

My new grocery shop is a shaw, this is one of the biggest shops I've ever been in! The first time I went there just to get some bread and milk I ended up spending one hour just wandering through all of the aisles looking at all the strange stuff. They have like a 10 meter long aisle of only bread. Crazy. They also have freshly made food so I'm currently eating my way through typical American dishes such as mashed sweet potato and mac n cheese.

Last weekend the hurricane "Earl" was supposed to hit. The news portrayed it like it was supposed to be the next "Katrina" so I was so disappointed when it only rained for an hour and was we Northern-Norwegians would call a light breeze.
On last Saturday I went to dinner with Peder, Danielle and some friends of them at a Vietnamese place. It was so good. I still can't believe how cheap it is to eat out here. For mixed appetizers, a main course and two beers I payed approximately 180 NOK. At this place they also introduced me to my new favorite drink, "bubble tea", this is smoothie (in whatever flavor) with tapioca balls which is kind of chewy berries. For more information see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tapioca.

This weekend have been quiet, today I went to ICA, The Institute of Contemporary Art, which was very nice and then me and Scott went on a Taco Bell expedition so that I could have my first Taco Bell meal. There is no Taco Bell in downtown Boston so we had to take the T to this mall outside of town, not only was the Taco Bell meal amazing, but I got to catch up with my ex-roomie that is approaching the Diamond league in Starcraft!! Congrats Scott! Although my new roomie, Jen, is very nice I miss Caryn. I'm planning to visit her in Jersey soon and in two weeks me and Caryn are planning to visit Janelle in NY, I'm looking forward to that!

My camera has been without batteries for some time so I haven't taken that my pictures but here are some.

That was a quick update on my latest movements. I love you all!

This is what I look like now!

Skoleveien min, eller dvs, veien til T-banen

Cute commercial for The New England Aquarium (dedikert til Karoline)

Late night snack, avocado-smoothie with bubbles and sweet potato chips


View of downtown Boston from the south side

tirsdag 24. august 2010

As time goes by..

Time is passing by so fast! In one way so much has happened, in another way it doesn't seem like anything have changed.
Quick resume of the past week events:

Dinner with Ida and her friend at the Prudential Center (the tallest building in Boston) with a great skyline view last Saturday. Not only did we have delicious food and great service we also witnessed a marriage proposal which was successful! The skybar was very elegant with a jazzband playing, dimmed lights and poshy old women sipping martinis. I bet Frank Sinatra would have loved it, so as you probably can understand I fitted right in.

Sunday I went to the Museum of Fine Arts after a quicky in the lab. I came right before they closed and skipped through all the boring history and went straight to beautiful exhibition on a fashion photographer for Vogue in the 50s and 60s, I really wanted the catalog but it was very expensive so I settled on a pin showing Audrey Hepburns eye. Very chic. Haha.

The rest of the week so filled with work. Nothing more to say if you're not really into molecular biology.

On Friday Janelle joined us from NY to go to Caryns friends birthday party. Janelle is the girl who also joined us on the duck tour and she is a lot of fun. Me, Caryn, Janelle, Daniella (Caryns other amazing friend, she has a lot of them) and Jen (the Black-Irish) went to this club called Sanctuary where this birthday girl had reserved a table. Here they had, like I've seen some other places, sugar-shots served in reagent tubes which you can buy to get that extra sugar-kick going on top of your drunkenness. We met this guy from Brazil which bought us 15 of those. Cool stuff.

On Saturday I met up with this girl I'm going to live with, because after a lot of weird and strange e-mails I have finally managed to get myself a new room/apartment. Its a little outside town and its going to take me much longer to get to work, but she is nice and I think it will work out good. In the evening I celebrated Idas birthday with her and her roommate by having a nice dinner at a seafood restaurant downtown. Later in the evening I met up with Janelle and Caryn and we went to the Donkey Show which is this crazy club/musical/theater/show based on clubs in the 70's. Its like a club with these crazy actors dressed as different characters from Studio 54 which after a while starts singing hits from the 70s. It was so FUN. I tried to take some pictures of it, but they were a bit dark but maybe you'll get a feel of it. The name the donkey show comes from a popular show in Tijuana which involves a donkey and, well, not a 70's musical to put it that way. Haha.

That was a quick summary of what I've been up to for the last week. Send me a summary of your week/weekends!
I miss you!

One of the great views from the Prudential CenterAnother view, you can almost see my house!"Will you marry me?"
"Yes, I will!!Janelle and Daniella, not looking into the camera
Janelle, Caryn again avoiding the camera while Jen, the Black-Irish doesn't mind her picture taken
Ida and her free birthday cake!
Donkey show!
The courtyard behind my work

lørdag 14. august 2010


I'm sorry for being sooo slow on updating my blog. I'm obviously not a hardcore-blogger. I've started working a lot more, its so fun so I don't mind working late. Also we have had cake four out of five days. Keep in mind that these people study diabetes!! Ironic or what. Anyway, I love ma pastries and have found a new favorite in the cake/cupcake red velvet, its red chocolate cake with carrotcake frosting (and a LOT of it), so good.
Everyone in the lab is really nice and there is a lot of people which makes it easier to ask every one of them stupid questions and not bothering one person.

Last weekend me and Caryn went to her friend Ronaldos MIT fraternity house, I'm posting some pictures of it here. It was exactly like in the movies. After that we went to this club called the Good Life which had some kind of break dance or old school night or something. Anyway, most of the people there looked like they came straight outta Fresh Prince in Bel Air, I mean, you people working at "Stress" trying to dress hip-hoppy, you haven't seen nuthin. I will try to post a video of one of the girls break dancing here, I also have a picture of the circle, try to notice the yo-hipsters in the background. Fun.

The rest of the weekend I worked, until Josse, my long lost Rognan friend came to visit us on Sunday. He had been in Peder and Danielles wedding and is going to tour the US and Canada. I haven't seen him in 8 years and it was so much fun. Of course on his last night we took him to Border Cafe, the margherita place, where Josse had his first "cocktail", then we went to Middlesex where there were some house-dj playing. Matt, my smoking neighbor, also came and we had a great night.

Yesterday, mr mongo and mr bongo (Niklas and Bea) broke into my Spotify account and made the worst playlist ever. They said they had sent it to all of my friends, so if you have received Margrethes all time best, I'm sorry, they're kids, don't go to hard on them.

New words I've learned lately:

WASH = White trash
Guidos = Italian Americans, the jersey shore type, just google image guido, you'll see what I mean
T = Too (can be used on everything; "its so T" like its too much.)

I had my first peanut butter and jelly sandwich the other day and I immediately fell in love with it. Scott however, felt that this wasn't the right kind of peanut butter and jelly sandwich for me and gave me some more "synthethic" ones. They were good although extremely synthetic. A pre made sandwich which you just thaw...its nothing natural about that, but who cares.

This weekend I'm home alone!! Yeey! No, its kind of sad actually, Caryn is in NY celebrating her friends birthday and Scott is going home to Cali soon. I have a date with Ida, my fellow Norwegian and I think I will work a little. I've begun to read the daily horoscope in the NY post, Anna Anka once said that this horoscope was the most correct one and its true!!! My horoscope this weekend said that I would be wise to relax this weekend because I would need all my strength for next week. So maybe I'll do that. Or maybe not...?

Song of the weekend: Big Boi - Shutterbug, I loved it for weeks now, I still love t, the album is amazing as well.

Peace out!